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17 Conditions That Require First Aid

There may come many situations your life when you would need to perform first aid on people during emergencies. In order to be ready and equipped for such situations, you might also want to do a certification course and become a first aider. But before going further, you need to know the conditions when first aid is required. There are various cases where the person is not aware that he or she could have provided first aid and saved a victim. Therefore, the below conditions might help you prepare yourself for situations that require first aid.

• Sickness that occurs due to height or vertigo – Heights can cause breathlessness. It can sometimes also lead to swollen brain and lungs.

• Some insect bites can result in victims going into a state of shock. Some insect bites cause inflammation in the entire body that it requires certain first aid before contacting a doctor or even going to the hospital.

• As a civilian, you might sometimes experience war like situation and that time; first aid can save a soldier. You need to know how to remove a bullet or apply bandage to a deep wound caused due to bombing.

• A fracture needs to be safely handled till the arrival of medical help. If its an arm or a leg, you can give it support or tie it tightly to reduce pain.

• Burns also require first aid. You can either cover them with blanket to reduce the effects of burns and prevent from further damage.

• Heart attacks can be looked into with the help of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Most of the people who experience heart attacks die before the arrival of medical help. Such deaths can be avoided if appropriate first aid is given.

• Getting chocked or experiencing difficulties in breathing requires immediate help.

• Woman giving birth to a child also requires first aid. There were days when deliveries used to take place at home. But now that it is done in hospitals, however, some measures are better to be taken at home to avoid mishaps.

• Swimming or diving difficulties. Safety equipment such life boats and life belts come handy.

• Indigestion or gastric troubles also require immediate attention. Some first aid medicines or tablets should be kept readily available.

• Unconsciousness due to heat stroke or low sugar levels or shock

• Dislocation of joints

• Hypertension

• Seizures or fits

• Muscle sprain

• Headache, toothache, stomach ache

• Bleeding from the nose or ears.

Such conditions require first aid before the medical help arrives. Most people don’t know these conditions can be helped with adequate first aid support. Even if you know, you won’t be qualified to perform first aid on the victims. Therefore, it is not just important to know about such conditions but also require the qualification and the courage to apply your knowledge at the time of need. Courage accompanies qualification. You cannot be courageous when not qualified to perform first aid on victims. It is too risky. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone takes a course of first aid training and becomes qualified to help victims during emergency.

Source by Greg Garner

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