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Honey As A Great First Aid Treatment For Adventurous Travellers

An unwanted cut, graze, or other wound can be an unwelcome intrusion on your holiday. Whether it has come from a crash mountain biking, a tumble while trekking, bashing through thick jungle in the tropics, or any other mishap that may happen. You want to get it treated as best you can to prevent infection from occurring, and start it healing.

Honey just may be your best first aid treatment, especially if you are in more remote locations. Honey? that stuff you normally put on toast? Yes.

Not so much the mass produced supermarket ones, as these have often had heat used in their processing, and that heat destroys many of the natural healing properties honey can provide.

This is not actually a new thing though. A few thousand years ago, the Greeks and Egyptians made use of honey for treating wounds.

Hydrogen peroxide occurs to some degree in all honeys, and this gives some antiseptic property to help fight infection. The more natural the honey is, the better.

Of particular relevance to travellers though, is that by using honey on a wound, the layer that you create forms a barrier to prevent further infection from entering. This can be quite important in many circumstances. It also means that if you don’t have a nice sterile bandage ready to use, the layer of honey helps stop that dirtier piece of cloth you end up using as a bandage from having direct contact with the wound.

It is also very useful in locations where clean water is not so readily available. Plus in most parts of the world they will produce a local supply of honey, and generally it is not expensive.

There is one particular honey that has been proven to be better than the rest for treating wounds, both for dealing with infection, and healing. Manuka Honey from New Zealand, specifically the ‘UMF’ manuka honey contains extra antibacterial and antiseptic properties not found in other honeys, and is supported by academic research. It is now used in some hospitals for treating difficult to heal wounds, in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Apart from helping fight infection, it aids the healing process, and can reduce the amount of scarring.

This is now exported from New Zealand to a growing number of countries. It is even possible to get a tube of sterilised manuka honey that is easily taken with you on your travels.

Otherwise, make use of the local honey of the area you are in. It’s natures first aid.

Source by R Lewis

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