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How Do You Use The Baby Wipes?

Monday is always a very busy day at work as you have to clear your desk of every pending job and remind your body that the weekend is over, we were all going about our jobs with expected professionalism and the little office chats… ; it was almost past break and the wear and tear of climbing the office stairs is already telling on my work speed. So, I remembered I had a little snack hidden away from prying eyes. I subtly reached for it in my drawer prepared a cup of coffee to” back it up”; I was enjoying the sip until the inevitable happened! I spilled the coffee on my dress and it formed something that looked exactly like the Map of Antarctica. Gosh! Am sure you can identify with this scene, I had to get it off fast and without trace as I had a presentation later that day, luckily for me, I stored a pack of wet wipes in my drawer and it took care of the stain expertly. So am forced to think of so many ways other people use and probably misuse of baby wipes, it will be outlandish to say we only use baby wipes for babies… Who does that?

Over a long period of time, wet wipes have become a basic or essential part of our everyday life; the most prominent being the baby wipes. Baby wipes are almost a necessity for every mother and, to a larger extent, everybody. Naturally, they are used in the cleaning of the sensitive skin of infants, moistened primarily with cleansing agents, fragrance and other allergy proof materials; which makes it suitable for so many other things, as we are about to find out.

Baby wipes were originally made for diaper changes, to clean up whatever mess the infants are prone to making. According to pediatricians, baby/diaper wipes are hypoallergenic and are just fine for newborn infants. The only downside is that some newborn infants may develop inflammation or nappy rash which can be caused by a variety of reasons. In such cases, it is then advisable to use cotton wool with warm water until the baby is ready for regular wipes.

Despite that they were made to clean up after babies, it will be inaccurate to conclude that baby wipes are only used for diaper changes nowadays as they can be used for a variety of other things beyond imagination. Baby wipes have become the “marvelous do-everything product” that most cannot do without. Listed below are a few of the innumerable uses of it.

Personal Hygiene

РThis should be a cliché by now as we all know baby wipes are ideal for diaper changes, gentle enough to clean the face and body of infants.

– After a long day at the office or even in traffic, it can be used to freshen up quickly when a shower is not a readily available

– A sheet of the wipes is ideal for cleaning hands after washing the hands.

– After sweating through the day’s activities, baby wipes will come in handy to clean up any funky odor that may upset us or the people around us, especially from the armpit area.

– It is also perfect for wiping off kids’ dirty feet before putting on socks.

– It works great on cleaning toilet seats and surfaces, as well as bathroom sinks as it contains hypoallergenic

Beauty Tips

– Every makeup kit is almost incomplete without a Baby wipe as it is very gentle and effective in getting rid of makeup without leaving a blemish.

– After you have probably applied the dye yourself, you will always miss a spot of “over apply”, thus it comes handy in wiping off hair dye stains at the neck area and around the hairline.

– I heard this from an expert beautician that some ladies use the wipes and a little drop of witch hazel to freshen up their faces before going to bed.

Miscellaneous Uses

– Baby wipes are a clean as you go item, it is ideal for any surface, wood, glass, walls, plastic, cotton, ceramics, etc., you can use it to clean your gadgets as well when they get really dusty.

– You have a visitor and you discover you have lipstick stains on the mug you are about to use, simply wipe it off with the baby wipes as it saves the stress of washing all over again.

– Save yourself the trouble of washing over again by using the wipes to clean off deodorant stains on clothing materials.

– Baby wipes work well on whiteboards, as they can effortlessly clean off permanent markers, crayons and pencil stains.

– It can also be used as an alternative for toilet tissues when dry.

– They can be used to clean off bird poo, or any other kind of inconvenient stains, off the windscreen easily.

– They are effective for stopping nose bleeding will temporarily for first aid treatment.

– They are ideal for cleaning sneakers, fingerprints off frames, leather bags, etc.

– They are a perfect substitute for moistening envelope seals instead of using the saliva, well this is just an issue of convenience and safety as this seal are harmful.

The use of this wipes are inexhaustible really, as they are highly efficient, so in what way are you using the baby wipes? I’m eager to read your

Source by Adewale Noah Socrates

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