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First Aid

A Simple Dog First Aid Kit

Dog owners can treat minor injuries for their pets if they have the appropriate remedies, tools, and equipment available. The following items were included in a first aid kit that the Cincinnati Veterinary Medical Association gave to police dog handlers at a recent workshop. A home first aid kit needs many of the same items. Knowing what to do in an emergency may mean the difference between life and death for your dog. Learn how to prevent emergencies, treat minor injuries with first aid, and when to seek immediate veterinary assistance and care.

* Gauze sponges — 50 four-by-four inch sponges, two per envelope

* Triple antibiotic ointment

* Rubbing alcohol

* Ear syringe — two ounce capacity

* Ace self-adhering athletic bandage — three-inch width

* White petroleum jelly (Vaseline or similar)

* Eye wash

* Sterile, non-adherent pads

* Pepto Bismol tablets

* Generic Benadryl capsules — 25mg, for allergies

* Hydrocortisone acetate — one percent cream

* Sterile stretch gauze bandage — three inches by four yards

* Buffered aspirin

* Dermicil hypoallergenic cloth tape one inch by 10 yards

* Hydrogen peroxide

* Kaopectate tablets maximum strength

* Bandage scissors

* Custom splints

* Vet Rap bandage

Other suggested items were:

* Blanket

* Tweezers

* Muzzle

* Hemostats

* Rectal thermometer

* Ziplock bags

* Paperwork, including the dog’s health record, medications, local and national poison control numbers, regular veterinary clinic hours and telephone numbers, and emergency clinic hours and telephone number.

Prevention can’t remove all risk to your dog. Preparation is important for effective treatment of any injury or illness.

* If you live in an area subject to floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, tornadoes, volcanoes or even toxic waste spills, you need a disaster plan,an evacuation kit and a dog first aid kit for you and your dog. Nowhere in recent memory has this been so clearly demonstrated as it was with Hurricane Katrina, which left thousands of pets stranded as their owners had to leave them behind in their race to safety.

* You’ll need a dog first aid kit. You can put one together yourself, to suit your dog’s needs. Or you can buy a prepackaged dog first aid kit, and customize it with extra supplies. Now is the time to become familiar with the supplies in a canine first aid kit.

* If you’re familiar with the signs and symptoms of illnesses and injuries that can harm your dog, you can provide the right aid faster, and more confidently. Learn how to recognize the signs of poisoning, illness and shock. Read up on how to determine if she has broken bones after an accident. Know the symptoms of illnesses and diseases that are common in your dog’s breed.

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