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First Aid

The Basic First Aid Kits

The basic first aid kits are very useful and are highly applicable during emergency cases wherein the lack of support from medical authorities and doctors may occur. Basically it consists of the most basic elements tools and medication that can prevent aggravation of both emergency and acute cases of injury, sickness, disorders and diseases. The first thing that people should have to remember when using the basic first aid kits is that the procedure is laid out on a piece of instruction paper for the ones who have no basic first aid training experience. This is because the basic first aid kits are supposed to serve as tools for immediate care even though they’re in the hands of an inexperienced person.

There are many cases wherein the people who have used the first aid kit have saved lives even though they were initially unfamiliar with the procedures. It is easy to use the first aid kit since the contraptions and materials included are self explanatory with regards to its functions. Some of which would include the gauze, treatment ointments and liquids such as alcohol, betadine, povidine iodine and others, splint, bandage, neck and arm support and other tools. For cases that require extreme measures, a CPR or cardio pulmonary resuscitation kit is included. This is because cases of cardiac arrest and stroke are one of the main concerns in emergency rooms that require basic first aid and support for the patient to survive the feat. The use of first aid kits should first revolve around the notion of stopping serious injury such as bleeding, fracture and infection. That is why the kit would contain treatment for lacerations, skin injuries and wounds. This is because many of the systemic infection or sepsis originally comes from small wounds and skin injury. If untreated, the wounds or skin injury can result to severe fever and infection which can then cause death.

It is important for people to look for the basic first aid kits in cases of emergencies since these can prevent serious injuries from occurring. Many injuries can occur in the workplace, office and other areas that people least suspect. This is the main reason why the first aid kit has been required to be readily available at major institutions and facilities where hundreds of people work or visit on a daily basis. This is necessary to ensure safety and give people peace of mind.

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