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8 Qualities That Will Make You a Good First Aid Provider

A first aid provider is trained to provide initial and basic medical aid till professional help arrives. If you are planning to undergo first aid training and be helpful, see if you have the 8 qualities listed below that will make you a good first aider.

• Quick and smooth

First aid providers have to be very quick in their actions. As soon as some accident takes place, they have to be quick in response and take over the situation immediately, without any delay. Hesitation, doubts clouding the face and panic, these damage the already injured victim.

• Controlled and calm

Without showing any panic, you should be able to perform in front of the people and the victim. Your actions should exhibit confidence, the only thing that can calm scared people. The first aid training you have undergone has given you the skills; there is no reason to panic.

• Intelligent and decisive

You should be able to decide the course of treatment within seconds. Depending on what is there in front of you, you should take an immediate yet a wise call, and keep the injured person stable till help arrives. If there are more than one casualty, you must be quick to judge and must start working on the victim who needs attention the most.

• Resourceful

Your first aid kit should, at all times, have the required material without fail. In case you don’t have it, you should make immediate arrangement or look for the right alternatives off what is available. You should be able to use the people around you resourcefully, delegating responsibilities to people around.

• Reassuring and sympathetic

It is your duty as a first aider is to reassure the victim that you are there to take care of him and that help is on its way. You need to be calm, kind and sympathetic to the victim’s calls. The victim needs reassuring words. He needs to be told that everything will be alright and that he is in safe hands. This quality is the most important when it comes to dealing with small kids in schools and play schools.

• Skilled

A first aider has the basic medical skills. You are trained to perform these skills under pressure. You should have the right skills to judge the problem depending on the symptoms and make quick calls. If you require help, you should be able to garner some from the crowd and should be able to take charge and lead.

• Efficient

You should be able to start the first aid without the victim feeling too much pain or without increasing his pain anymore. There is never any time to waste when there is a medical emergency. With the available resources, you need to attend to as many casualties are there, till help arrives.

• Confident

As a first aid provider you must have faith in yourself and your actions before you start first aid on the victim. The confidence which you would exhibit while performing would reassure the victim and the onlookers.

If you have all these qualities, you are probably cut to be a goof first aid provider. Undergo professional training and do your bit for the society.

Source by Greg Garner

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