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Why Automated External Defibrillator Is A Necessity In Workplaces?

An electrical pump generates electricity which gets used in running various items. Our heart acts like an electrical pump, where it produces the “electricity” for the heart muscles. The heart muscles keep working without a break by pumping blood throughout the body. However, there are often cases of an “electrical” stimulation where the heart fails to produce any heart beats. In short, a case of sudden cardiac arrest. The heart fails suddenly, and blood supply to the brain and other body parts starts decreasing. As a result, the victim dies in most cases. A recent report reveals that almost 90% of victims die before reaching the hospital. Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs, a product of modern technology, greatly help in reducing the rate of mortality.

How does the Automated External Defibrillator work? It helps in restoring the heart to a normal working condition. This electronic device can find whether a patient needs a shock or not. Simply put, AEDs discharge electric current and reverse the uncoordinated contraction of the heart muscles. And the best part of using an AED is that its user-friendly design makes everyone easily understand its mechanism.

Why are AEDs Important at Workplaces?

American Heart Association works hard to bring out reports related to the heart conditions of working US professionals. According to the latest report, over 65% of working professionals run the risk of a cardiovascular disease, and even a sudden cardiac arrest. And no matter how much we depend on machines these days, it is the human resources which are the most significant assets of an organization. Therefore, it is important that every organization looks after the health conditions of their employees.

Just like fire extinguishers, AEDs have found a place in almost every organization. Free medical check-ups get organized frequently, and all the employees get the basic AED training. Moreover, there are many NGO and governmental agencies which offer free AED kits.

AED kits at your workplace make sure that an employee getting a sudden cardiac arrest receives the basic treatments, and his heart keeps beating until reaching a hospital.

AED – The Survival Rate Enhancer

Our heart is an electrical pump. You can never tell the exact time when it will malfunction; but when it does, chances of having a cardiac arrest increase. Getting treated with an AED is like having a first-aid treatment.

One astonishing fact about the AEDs is that they increase the survival rate of a victim by 75%. On the other hand, the popular CPR method (artificial respiration and external cardiac massage) increases the rate of survival only by a mere 5%.

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