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Getting Rid of Stubborn Hemorrhoids Permanently

Stubborn hemorrhoids are tough health maladies hard to get rid of permanently. How do we deal with this ailment for good? With the help of herbal medicine there may be a way.

But first, we must understand that stubborn hemorrhoids get to such stage often due to negligence. It is a wise saying to follow that early detection and treatment is better than a last ditch resort to get rid of a health problem. This goes for stubborn hemorrhoids, most especially. In it’ first stage or symptom we should consult our physician at once or seek first aid treatment.

At the sign of constipation we should correct the situation at once. Don’t wait till it worsens into a full-blown hemorrhoids, especially stubborn hemorrhoids that keep recurring or maintain its presence and keep us in pain and uncomfortable. At this stage treatment would be more costly than is necessary.

Hence, the best advice before we talk anything about herbal cures for stubborn hemorrhoids is to watch out for constipation. When it strikes we have to immediately change diet. Constipation only means we lack fiber in our diet. Thus, begin to eat more veggies, especially fibrous ones like green leafy veggies.

When the situation gets out of hand and a full-blown stubborn hemorrhoid is starting to wreck our normal bowel movement, the more we should change our diet. Get more fibrous veggies into our system. Then, take herbal supplements such as the following: try peeled garlic cloves mixed with potato shaped like capsules imitating suppository capsules. Insert these two just at the opening of the anal canal as we would a suppository capsule several times a week.

Try also a combination of cayenne with garlic applied similarly as above. These suppository-like treatments can provide ease and healing at the same time. Remember, herbal treatment especially of stubborn hemorrhoids is long term. This may look too tedious as most of us would like to get the pain and discomfort as soon as possible. But herbal remedies seem more effective when talking of permanent cures.

Especially when stubborn hemorrhoids disappear, the more we should stick to fibrous diets. Take flaxseed oil, 2 spoons daily. Drink plenty of fruit juices and clean water. Get green leafy veggies daily, along with blackstrap molasses and big servings of alfalfa sprouts.

Broccoli is perfect, and so are apples and carrots. Nuts like green beans, beets, psyllium seeds, and Brazil nuts would be a lot of help. Meals of these a day keep stubborn hemorrhoids away.

Source by Jennifer Garant

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