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11 French virus deaths over 24hrs

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France recorded just 11 COVID-19 deaths over 24 hours to take its toll to 29,731 since the start of the crisis, health authorities said Wednesday.

Currently, 9,299 COVID-19 patients are in French hospitals with 97 admitted since Tuesday.

“The epidemic situation is stable in the metropolis,” a statement read while adding the virus remained” particularly active in (French) Guyana”.

“Health authorities have mobilised to slow down the epidemic spread, break contamination chains and slow down the blocking of care services,” the statement added.

But authorities warned that the virus remained in circulation across France with 272 clusters identified since May 9.

Since the crisis first emerged five months ago, 104,144 people have been hospitalised—18,321 placed on ventilators—while 75,127 have been discharged.

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